Best Country Music for your Hillbilly Road Trips

country1No matter if you’re just driving a few miles to the next local grocery store, or travel a thousand miles to fly off for a vacation, you got to have your country music along with you. We compiled a list of some favorite country songs to create the ultimate hoe-down road trip play list.

  • “CRUISE”-Florida Georgia Line‘s contagious tune is built for cruising the highways, byways, and back roads. And for the guys in the band, a little chic company is always welcomed on a long haul. Road-trip Lyrics: “Baby you a song—you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise!”
  •  “WHITE LINE FEVER”- Road fatigue gets to a trucker out for a long road trips. Feeling the same? The perfect antidote is this Merle Haggard song. Road-trip Lyrics: “White Line Fever –A sickness born down deep within my soul.”
  • “I’VE BEEN EVERYWHERE”-Johnny Cash’s edition of the Hank Snow old song out-drives the original with its tongue-twisting roll of destinations arrived to and departed from. Road-trip Lyrics: “I’ve been to
    Reno, Chicago … Baranquilla, and Perdilla, I’m a killer…”
  • “DAYS GO BY” – this Keith Urban’s song is another one that just makes you want to get in the car, turn it up, and put your (Road-trip Lyrics:)”. . .hand out the window—in the wind as the cars go by.”
  • “EVERYWHERE”-Tim McGraw the name dropping of cities just got a really great “outdoor” sensation to it. Road-trip Lyrics: “…Georgia pickin’ them peaches in Carolina barefoot on the beaches…in my heart I’ll always see you –everywhere.”
  • “AMARILLO BY MORNING”A weary rider goes toward his next destination in this George Strait classic. The homesick melody is perfect for long drives at night. Road-trip Lyrics: “Amarillo by morning, Amarillo’s where I’ll be.”
  • “KING OF THE ROAD”- This bee-boppy, finger-snapping song hums the praises of life on the highway. Roger Miller sure was a cool chap. Road-trip Lyrics: “I’m a man of means by no means—king of the road.”

“SOME BEACH” – Blake Shelton’s “Some Beach” may sound like a hillbilly “Son of a b*tch” together into a two-syllable word. It probably fits just right, because in each verse somebody pisses him off. Maybe this stressing word needs a break (Road-trip lyrics) “…On some beach, somewhere”  (click here for more Blake Shelton’s song/tickets/tour)

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Maximizing Your Belize Experience

Belize is an amazing travel destination. Anyone who has toured this amazing country has said so and has found it fascinating. It mirrors the culture, vibe, and language of the Caribbean even though it is technically in Central America. If you’re planning to a vacation to Belize, here are things you need to know to maximize your experience.

The people of Belize are the friendliest ones out there. Everyone who has visited this country is going to say that the best thing about this country is the genuine hospitality of the people. They make tourists feel welcome. It’s a good thing to interact with the locals to experience their culture even more.

Tourists won’t have a hard time in Belize because the official language is English. Being a former British colony, people have gotten used to English as their medium of communication. Even if some speak Creole, a native Dialect, you can still get by using English. If you are intimidated of communicating o the locals, don’t because they can understand you perfectly.

Belize also utilizes US Currency and there’s no need to acquire Belizean currency. As long as you have US Dollars, then you can use it anywhere you go in this land. This may be the reason that the exchange rate of US Dollar versus Belizean dollar has been always 2:1.

Also, you’ll be surprised to know that Belize is not just about the Caribbean Sea. It is certain that most people visit the country for the beautiful beaches, islands and to scuba dive. But that is not all you can do to Belize. There are a lot of other activities that is overlooked.

For one, because of Western influences, there are a lot of concerts happening in Belize like the ones in that can be seen here. Browse this site to get a better idea of what it is like. The nightlife in Belize is also awesome as it involves a lot of fun parties you can go to.

The unlimited access to fresh food is also what Belize can brag about. The idea of eating organically-grown crops is not a new thing. Rather, it is quite common that a lot of farmers market is everywhere. You can always be certain that what you’re eating is fresh.

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Imagine Dragons to Conquer Belize

imagine-dragonsGreat beaches play a big part in tourism. Conquering Belize might be everybody’s bucket list but have you dreamt of seeing your favorite artist in one spectacular place like this? Hopping and singing your heart out together with the sound of the sea breeze is absolutely an event to remember. If you want to check if it is one of their destinations this year you can browse this site.

Visiting a tourist spot is fun and exciting if you have your itinerary all planned for the said travel. Booking a tourist bus won’t even hurt.  Actually, it will make your life easier when you arrive at your dream destination. Good transportation is a mood settler as well. Generally strangers aren’t trustworthy but bus drivers in Belize will definitely make you feel safe and comfortable. They may be dropping you off in some beautiful spots on your way to the beach without worrying about your luggage.

Booking a well-trained driver for a bus company is an added bonus; it can turn out being the best ride of your life and the most exciting travel adventure to say at least. With those narrow road and other vehicles coming from opposite direction, you need to have a responsible driver. You can also travel by bus in going to one of the Caribbean Islands. There is not much to see for a tourist but you can enjoy the simple life of the city, explore and eat through the streets. Taking the bus or a rental car is the best way to get to the airport or water port to spend the night because it’s the main travel hub in the city.

Friendly tourist guides, informative bus drivers and welcoming neighborhood, these are the things that awaits you during your Belizean tour. Lingering at one fascinating place requires patience, adventurous mood and a good transportation. You can try bus express to save time because they don’t stop for passengers waiting on the roadside hence they only schedules pick-up and drop-off points. But if you’re in for a road trip, booking ahead a tour bus is needed to enjoy the sightseeing around town and you can even stop over the scenic spots without worrying because you got a good and trustworthy driver along.

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A Few Things to Avoid When You’re in Belize

Great_Blue_HoleBelize is a very beautiful country. The number of tourists visiting the country annually increases because of the breathtaking sceneries and the warm treatment of the locals. However, when you are in this country, just like in any other country, there are dos and don’ts. Here are some of the things that you have to avoid when visiting Belize:

  • Avoid taking taxis that do not agree to a particular amount prior to the trip. They might rip you off especially if they don’t use a meter. Negotiate the price with them as early as possible to avoid problems later on.
  • Don’t be easily persuaded by people who claim to bring you to beautiful resorts. This is true especially if you have not arranged your accommodation and itinerary prior to your trip in the country. You might be brought to places that look great in photos, but have nothing to offer you once you get there.
  • Beware when buying alcohol. Buy one only from reliable stores. Some others don’t even sell genuine alcohol. There are those who simply mix water and oil. You will be asked to pay a lot since they are supposed to be genuine products that were manufactured locally.
  • Don’t listen to people who come out of nowhere and then sob in front of you. They will talk about sad stories and then eventually ask for financial assistance. In the end, they will just rob you and even threaten you when you won’t give in to what they want.
  • Belize is the only city in the country. However, it has quite a high crime rate. Going to the villages is more fun and exciting. Yet, mobility can be quite restricted. Therefore, you need to plan things ahead of time.

Though these warnings make Belize look bad, the truth is that it is actually a good place to visit. As long as you have a good tour guide and a bus driver that will take you in key places, you are good to go. On another note, if you’re thinking of going to a good comedy show, you can browse this site for more info.

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Ten Things to Do in Belize

3995944253_226ce5d281_oBelize is a land of adventure where tourists can enjoy their vacation whether they want land, water or air adventure! It’s really an all-in-one destination perfect for families, couples, and friends. The place can be romantic or child-friendly, can simply be a place of fun, whatever you want it to be. Belize actually has it all, whether you want luxury or camping out, if you want a quality day time or if you want the exciting nightlife, if you want adventure where you can learn something. You might think I’m making it sound perfect so you’ll go and visit and yes, the answer is a resounding YES. I want you to experience Belize as what others have, to feel, see and experience nature at its total best—to have the time of your life, a break from the exhausting work, to have that vacation you so greatly deserve.

Since there are just so many things to do in Belize, I will try my very best to narrow it down for you, which is quite a difficult task, considering how blessed Belize is with natural and man-made wonders. So here is the list of ten things that you can do in Belize.

Try Water Activities

Belize is basically an island where beautiful and breath-taking seas can be seen. Naturally, there are a lot of places you can visit if you are a water buddy and a lot of water activities to do. You can start with swimming then go forward to a more exciting activity. I’m not saying that swimming isn’t exciting! What with all the beautiful beaches in Belize, it’s definitely a perfect activity to start the day.

You can also try sea kayaking—paddling to reach a nearby island or go in search for a perfect snorkeling spot, which leads us to another water activity, snorkeling. Snorkeling in Belize if you’re into it can be the highlight of your vacation. You can visit Glover’s National Marine Reserve and see the abundance of marine creatures and of course, see the coral formation too. If you want to take snorkeling to another level, try it at night! If the condition permits it, you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to see nocturnal sea creatures at their best.

For intermediate and advanced surfers, you can board surf at Long Caye Island, Tavarua or Mentawais. These are three of the best surfing sites in Belize. If you are not into surfing, then you can rent a jet ski and cruise the nearby island and find a good snorkeling spot.

Do More Water Activities

There are just too many water activities in Belize that it seems such a crime not to list at least half of it. So here’s the continued list—a more extreme adventure.

If you like sailing, there are lots of sailing tours in Belize offering tourists the opportunity to see more of the sights of Belize. A popular sailing area is Placencia and if you want to further your adventure more, you can then include a guided dive excursion to your trip. The most popular diving site in Belize is, without doubt and hesitation, the Great Blue Hole. It’s a very must-see because it’s also one of the most beautiful in the world that it gained its status as one of the top 10 diving sites among all the wonderful sites of the very beautiful earth. You can see stalactites and stalagmites formation clearly because of the crystal-clear blue water. But just a warning! If you fear sharks, then you’d probably meet lots of them, so better prepare yourself. You can also try Glover’s reef and seeing a dolphin is a guarantee.

You can also try parasailing, if you feel like you can do it. Fight your fear and you’ll enjoy a perfect aerial view of the deep blue sea of Belize.  Or if you want another adventure without breaking the limit of your height tolerance, then try kite boarding.Visit cultural and historical sites

Belize also has archaeological sites perfect for adventure and cultural learning. You can visit Lamanai Maya Site, Altun Maya Site, Belize House of Culture, and St. John’s Cathedral.

Explore Belize’s Jungle and Forests

Belize is also home to towering trees and numerous flora and fauna. If you want some serious trekking and hiking, you can visit Chiquibul Forest Reserve or Maya Mountain National Reserve or explore Guanacaste National Park.

Go Caving

If you want to visit and explore caves, bring tennis shoes or water shoes and extra clothes and towel. It is important to bring extra clothes because most of the caves are not dry and some even have rivers passing through. It is also advisable to bring sun block because some requires a long trek before you reach the mouth of the cave.

Here are few of the safe caves in Belize:

  • Tunichil Muknal Cave
  • Barton Creek Cave
  • Chechem Hah Cave
  • Rio Frio Cave
  • St. Herman’s Cave.

Do Land Adventures

You can go horse-back riding or visit new butterfly centers in Belize. You can also visit Belize’s Zoo. If you have kids with you, they will surely love doing these activities. If you’re an avid bird watcher, then Belize also has a place tucked in especially for you.

Visit the Capital Belmopan

There are a lot of things to do as well in Belmopan. You can visit an art gallery called The Artbox, take a long walk to take a glimpse of Belmopan neighbourhood or visit market plazas.

Visit Small Towns

Belize has a lot of small towns with scenic vistas. You can take a walk or ride a bike and explore the town until your feet hurts. You do not have to worry because the locals are friendly and welcoming. A perfect example of a place if you want the slower pace is Caye Caulker. You can visit cafes and observe Belizeans go on about their daily lives. Another slow-paced town is the Corozal town. It has amazing views but at the same time, a peaceful and serene environment because most tourists do not stay in the place.

Eat and Drink

If you miss the nightlife, do not worry because Belize has a perfect place for you. Ambergis Caye is known to have the best nightlife and local dining in the northern part of Belize.

You can try authentic Belize’s food and discover the difference between the combo of rice and beans and of beans and rice! You can also try delicious sea foods, because Belize being an island has lots and lots of it.

Belize also has its national beer so it is also good to at least on cup!

Go Shopping

Lastly, you can give your old stuff to the locals and come back home with Belizean products for you and for souvenirs to bring back home for friends and relatives. You can buy rum, jewellery, textiles, paintings and photographs and if you want, you can even buy some furniture, though it won’t definitely fit in your bag! You can check out these shops:

  • Belize Central Prison Gift Shop
  • Dangriga Central Market
  • Tourist Village Flea Market
  • Art Box
  • Tourist Village and Brown Sugar Mall
  • Rum, Cigar and Coffee House

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Enjoying the Sights but Leaving Nothing Behind, Especially Trash

The world has a plethora of picturesque tourist attractions that millions of visitors tour each year. World tourism has boomed over the past several decades as more and more people have become more aware and are more willing to travel even to far-flung places to witness Mother Nature’s majesty. Belize is one country that is so rich with so many natural wonders that one vacation can never be complete without exploring the country’s beauty.

When Development Means More Trash

Every time I drive a group from different countries to tour Belize and its countryside, I always make it a point to emphasize on the tourists the importance of leaving no trace behind. Tourism has been pushed to the mainstream and because of this more and more people visit one spot at any given time, which means there is more trash from tourists that are oftentimes left at the attractions, without taking into consideration their responsibility to keep the place clean. Government ordinances are mandated to keep tourist spots devoid of any kind of trash that may be left behind by tourists. Sanctions and fines are given to those who violate the local laws.

Leave no Trace

 When you are planning to tour a place, make sure to research the place well. What the laws are, how they treat the places that you are going to visit, those things. Remember that you are just a visitor, someone who is welcomed by locals to wonder at the beauty God has given their country. You are not there to desecrate the place by throwing your trash here and there. Being a tourist means being responsible in your actions, not just towards locals and fellow tourists, but towards Mother Earth as well.

One thing that you can do to keep sacred and clean the place that you are going to visit is to take your trash with you when you leave. Keep your trash in a military backpack using the pack-it-in pack-it-out method, and or any bag to be thrown when you reach town where you can dispose of your garbage properly. Pack-it-in pack-it-out is a method where the things that you use that produce garbage is packed again for proper disposal at a proper disposal system. That is the principle I always impart my tourist passengers to keep Belize clean.

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Belize Ecological Adventures

Belize is an excellent tourist destination in Central America because it is an English-speaking nation surrounded by tropical beaches, cave formations, wildlife and barrier reef. It is a small country but has the largest known Classic Mayan city. The place offers a range of activities for lovers of nature. From diving and snorkeling, to cave tubing, ATV, fishing, and birding. You can do them all in Belize. There are so many tour packages for the family, or just for couples. Adventure seekers can choose unguided activities or a more thrilling experience. Ecological vacation packages are great for families with kids, for these can be an enriching experience to teach your children about nature and the environment.

The Belize government is keen in protecting the environment. It has been able to set a standard for environmental protection. The Eco Tourism association implements projects to create awareness for locals and visitors. It opened attractions that promote the importance of taking care of the ecosystem. Attractions that preserve different species from rare animals, birds and plants are created and opened to the public. In addition to that, locals even opened their residents to tourists who want firsthand experience of the places of interest, like the Toledo District.

Families with kids who are planning to visit Belize should include eco-tours to their itinerary. They can visit the Mayan Ruins. This could take a full day where they can go to the Cayo District. This place features abundant rolling green lawns, plantations, palm trees and mountains. The Belize Zoo, the baboon and bird sanctuary are also must-sees. Activities they will surely enjoy doing include cave tubing, reef fishing adventures, zip lining and horseback riding. A trip to the country of Belize is such a pleasant treat to yourself and the entire family. By simply going around you will feel relaxed at the sight of the lush greens around. The experience allows you to be one with nature and feel renewed. You can bring home a part of Belize with you by turning your front or backyard into a beautiful lawn. You can even add a small garden in it so each time you go to home from work, you will feel relaxed. Lawns are easily maintained by high quality mowers. You can click here to know the most efficient lawn mowers in the market.

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On the Road Again: Come to Belize!

86There is nothing like being a tourist in a foreign third world country. For Belize, the surprise is when the tourist finds out that the national language is English. Belize is a fascinating country and working with tourists makes it even more fascinating. Of course, it’s a third-world country. It is so third-world that with the increase in tourism, the old agricultural work is slowly sinking.

The country has a lot to offer. There is sport fishing in the Caribbean. There are Mayan ruins to see. There is a lot of eco-tourism. The transportation infrastructure may seem lacking, as the quality of roads is below par compared with the US or Europe. However, the charm of the people is exemplary. The country was a former British colony and we retain a unique mix of Caribbean accent, with a bit of Creole, Mayan, and Spanish. If you speak English or Spanish, it should not be a problem going around the country. Be aware, though that the heavy Creole influence does creep into the conversation. You are hearing the conversation perfectly, but it does not make sense sometimes because Creole words get into the conversation and you might think that it was still English that you were hearing.

There have been disputes about Belize, and it was not until the 1981 that the country gained its independence. Neighboring Guatemala still had border disputes which but finally recognized Belize’s territory in 1991. Besides that, the country is relatively safe. It could be said that it is safer than most o f the other Central American countries.

Bus travel is the way around the country. There are buses from the USA with their final destination in Belize City. In the same manner, visitors can take a bus from Chetumal in Mexico, or Flores in Guatemala. Most visitors however are only in country for a day as part of Caribbean cruise ship stops.

For those who want to travel the country on their own, the buses usually pass by the towns every half hour. Most major tourist attractions have lodgings, and visitors can stay the night if the last bus trip has passed. You can bring your children and even your pets; just make sure that you bring your own supplies and kits for them. To keep the lodgings hair-free, carry your own vacuum such as the ones from You can also travel to Belize with your own supply of dog food. You can get these in advance at

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Visiting Belize’s Mayan Ruins

Lost-mayan-ruins_concept_artThere is no such thing as a boring job. Only a boring outlook on life. This is definitely the case when you spend your working hours driving vacation tour buses. The tourists and visitors are fun to watch, and you get to have an idea of the country they are from. This makes the job interesting.

There is nothing to driving around Belize. The good part about it is that there is practically no traffic. For another, few foreigners drive in the country. Finally, with the regularity of the trips, you get to know the countryside. This is not just a jungle. It is hard to explain, but it is also part desert. Inland, is a lot of Mayan ruins, but only the big sites are the real tourist attractions. The pictures you see online of Caracol, Lamanai and Cerros can only give you an idea of the ruins. There are other ruins out there, including 25 other sites. All of these have their own charm and historical value.

It would still be possible to travel all over the country on foot, backpacking along. The people are friendly. You would, of course, need a good pair of shoes. If you have flat foot, you might want to consider a new pair just for the visit. You can browse this site for more details.

Of course, it would be hard to express the allure or the charm of these ruins.The Mayan culture was wiped out a long time ago, and their modern descendants have not retained the cultural heritage of those times. These ancient people lost a lot, not just their lives and nations, but also their culture.

What remains are impressive structures which hint at what the place was like centuries ago. As a culture, they were advanced, but not in the things that the Spaniards would count as significant enough to fight a war. These ruins are now more like tombs of that proud civilization. They are markers to a point in time.

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Benefits of Bringing Water Bottle when Traveling

When traveling, people list down the things they ought to bring. Short day trips require only a few items. If you are bringing the kids, it is important to bring extra clothes, snacks, toys to entertain them in the vehicle and a first aid kit. If you are on a trip with friends, it pays to bring your own water bottle besides some of your personal stuff.

Reasons to Bring Water Bottle

  • Saves you Money: Day trips can be very thirsting especially on a hot summer day. Even if you are on tour on a cold day, you have to keep your body hydrated, and water is the best drink to quench our thirst. Bringing your own water bottle saves you money for you need not buy it on the road. You can even refill it from water fountains.
  • Saves Space: Bottled water also saves space in a room or vehicle, or in your own bag. You can even use bottles that fold flat to fit tight spaces. Make sure to use refillable ones to save on plastic.
  • Bottles are Reusable: Water bottles are multi-purpose. You can keep it and use it as hot water bottle warmer for your feet, or as container for other liquids.

Numerous types of water bottles are available in the market. You can choose one that best suits your need. They are found in various sizes, styles and materials. There are metal bottles that are durable, but the downside is that they are not ideal for warm water. You can choose BPA-free plastic bottles that are shatterproof. Buy them in wide mouth to place ice cubes. However, they can crack when used frequently. Plastic flasks are ideal for traveling, since they are foldable. You can even choose some that have adapters to attach hoses and suction caps.

A well-planned trip is the key to a hassle-free experience. It pays to be practical for the moment to be more pleasant. Consider bringing your own water bottle when you plan to visit Belize or any other cities again and enjoy the benefits. Prepare the things you need the day before you travel. Water is an essential item, and if you suddenly run out of safe drinking water, you can already have it delivered to your place. Click here to find out how.

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Living off the Grid: A Tiny Bus Converted into a Beautiful Motor house

busBeing an owner of a land, you are constricted into the obligations of signing documents, paying water, electric and other utility bills. Well, it is a must business in the midst of a big city. Maybe it just sound like too much of a big trouble to you, why not consider transforming a disused bus into a sweet new home that you can drive and take around anywhere down the road?–A motor house.

The motor house may be lined with natural timber and features the same kind of secure shelving and furniture of the one you might see on motor boats to ensure minimum disturbance while taking a trip. It must also come with a plumbing that is functioning fully. Although old vehicles such as these are not the most fuel-efficient, and it would be unwise to travel too much carrying such load, it seems almost positive that overall this project has smaller carbon footprint than the average new home.

Let’s take for an example this guy name Hank. He was an architectural student back then. For his Master’s Final Project he decided to buy a bus for $3000 on Craigslist. And the transformation goes from then on. He budgeted about $6000 in improvements. Although it’s not too much of a pocket changer, it’s still lesser than a down payment in comparison to purchasing a house in the city.

One of his primary goals during the construction was to develop a living space in 225sqft that is as open and un-restricting as possible. He set guidelines that eliminated any furniture above the bottom edge of the window. This allows the space to remain continuous, and maintains clear sight-lines from one end of the space to the other, even while seated. He developed a thin wall system integrating structure, electrical, lighting, insulation and facing, leaving the inner space open for occupation. The ceiling is covered in plywood flexed by compression, and the floorboards are reclaimed gym flooring, complete with a 3-point line… click the link to see the rest of Hank’s little bus home.

Hank uses reclaimed woods and unfinished furniture making it cheaper and environment-friendly. To read more about unfinished furniture, visit

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Katy Perry’s Pricey Promotional Bus – Where will it go?

katy-perry-firework-1Bus advertising is becoming popular nowadays, buses has become a medium used by advertisers to reach the public with their message. It is a great deal to use mobile vehicles as advertisement since they just don’t stay in one place, additional appeal for buses are their size. Adverts get easily noticed when a bus with approximately 9.5 to 11 ft height, about 8 ft wide, and a length ranging between 12 ft to 40 ft drives in front of you.  Usually, these ads take the form of promoting commercial business brands, but can also be used for public campaigns. Buses may also be used as a part of a political or promotional campaign, or as a medium in a commercial enterprise.

Katy Perry, who is known for her costume creativity, ( took advantage of this and got creative when announcing her latest album PRISM on a Monday night. The singer had a custom-made gold plated semi-trailer truck drive through the middle of Hollywood. In black and bold letters on the side of the truck it revealed what all Katy Perry fans and followers have been all waiting for:

KATYPERRY • PRISM • 10•22•13.

Prism is Perry’s fourth studio album and is set for an October 22 release date. The truck is expected to make its way across the country, with Katy tweeting after its initial take off:

“Find the #PRISM semi, take a picture and I’ll RT you. Don’t worry, Los Angeles is just the first stop on the map.” 8:00A.M – 30 Jul 2013 via Twitter by @katyperry

After looking for the latest news about the gold-plated semi trailer truck that was specially made for Katy Perry to promote the release of her new album, we’ve learned that it was hit by a drunk driver in a Walmart parking lot in Pennsylvania. (Further details about the news here)  But what will happen to the precious and pricey promotional truck after her Prism tour ends? Nobody knows yet but we sure hope she will donate it, like her other concert costumes, in one of her supported charities so it wouldn’t have to go to waste.

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